Worldwound and Orcus!

The adventure takes place in the standard Pathfinder world, Golarion. You’ll be in Mendev, a hardened country at the far north of the continent of Avistan and just east of the Worldwound. Mendev is in a constant crusade battling the demons pouring forth from the rift in reality known as the Worldwound. See this Map. Mendevians are in a losing battle, often with a LG crusader mentality that realizes it’s on its own and losing ground. You have access to the lake coastal town of Egede. Eight months ago, the Worldwound spewed out a vile explosion of grey smoke and lightning.

Within weeks, reports came from 100 miles north of Egede that the landscape had warped and changed. A strange graveyard containing foreign gravestones and alien mausoleums appeared. Graffiti etched into structures repeated the dwarven phrase, “Rappan Athuk”: Dungeon of Graves. Two Pathfinder Society groups and three Mendevian paladin troupes have explored the area. None have returned. There is a dwarven rumor slowly gaining momentum: Rappan Athuk was an Underdark haven of evil that the dwarves conquered in their Quest for the Sky thousands of years ago. The truth is impossible to know, but certainly the recovery of dwarven artifacts could bolster a fading and depressed collective dwarven soul.

Mendev is worried. There is little time to explore this new threat while the Worldwound continues to expand. Scouts from Egede report signs of a cult of Orcus, a little-know demon lord of undeath, sporting strangely-powerful priests and underlings. Undead have proliferated. Trolls migrated from the icy north. Tales of pirate zombie ships plague the city’s steward. A crazed merchant sailor claims he was robbed by a gargantuan dragon with a sense of humor. Welcome to Rappan Athuk.

Rappan Athuk Reloaded

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