Rappan Athuk Reloaded

Session 4: Dirty Stinking Trolls

Vanreim paid the party and supplied them with new weaponry. They unloaded Marthek’s strange, shifting club to buy more relevant weaponry. After some discussion the party opted to pursue the trolls spotted near Rappan Athuk and avoid the dungeon itself.

  • They avoided a huge-sized black pudding and large nest of giant wasps.
  • The mud-soaked bog was difficult to navigate, but the trolls proved easy to find. They found them sleeping or arguing and cut into them before they could react. Five trolls were down and scorched with fire.
  • Hendel spotted a raised mound in the middle of the swamp. The heroes headed directly into the mound, surprised to find no less than six abnormally large trolls and a hideous troll hag leading them. From behind a rock, a stony rock troll barbarian emerged. As the hag empowered the rock troll with the unholy might of Urgathoa, the party battled the advanced trolls. Az and Morgrimm’s blows were devastating. Hiso and Torring managed to flank a troll, but within moments Torring was surrounded and rent into small giblets. Hiso teleported to the troll hag and did battle with her directly while the rock troll charged into melee and nearly brought Morgrimm to his knees. Hendel used fireball, flaming sphere and burning hands to send the trolls to hell. Urg fired countless arrows into their midst. Yet, as the party retreated from the mound, destroying several of the trolls and the rock troll, others snuck up behind Urg and tore him to shreds.
  • With two of the party down, the heroes may have perished. The gods smiled for at that moment they were joined by Tucker, the hillbilly witch searching for his lost pig, and Requiem the Summoner and his esoteric ediolon, Rocknut. They were never clear on how either of the strange pair survived alone in the swamp, but indeed they were there. The roll menace was pushed back and a combined attack against the troll matriarch ended her foul existence.
  • Recovering from their wounds and gathering the moist pieces of their fallen comrades, the heroes were surprised when a high-pitched male voice called to them from another tunnel, “I am Turane, troll friend! Leave now! You’re ruining my work.” Turane seemed to be a human and claimed to be a wizard. He gave his word that he could control the remaining trolls and prevent them from looting the north road. Despite this assurance, the party rested in the wild and returned the next day to annihilate the trolls forever.
  • Turane was guarded by five more advanced trolls. While the giants rent and bit, Turane used Fireball, Ball Lightning and Pit Spells to control party movement. Tucker forced his hand by using Stinking Cloud and finally Hiso and Az were able to bring the wizard low. The rest of the party destroyed the trolls.
  • Hiso narrowly avoided a Phantasmal Killer trap on a chest. They looted Turane and the troll matriarch’s treasure, finding a journal detailing Turane’s alliance with the trolls and his search for “Akbeth’s treasure,” seemingly a ring of Shapechanging. His journal described searching through Rappan Athuk, but being unable to penetrate “mithral gates.” Finally, he determined that he could dig a tunnel to Akbeth’s grave by using the trolls in the mound. In exchange, he brewed potions for the monsters.
  • An excavated pit seemed to lead deep underground…



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