Rappan Athuk Reloaded

Session 7: Goblins are Evil

Stuffing Hendel’s body into the bag of holding, they debated on the next course of action. While waiting for Aribon to consecrate the temple, they finished exploring the third level, rescuing Zorian the archer and Pradish from the clutches of filthy, squeeking goblins. While Pradish agreed to gather troops and secure the temple, Zorian joined the party.

  • In a series of octagonal rooms, they found a floating skull surrounded by skeletons and catatonic goblins. The skull spoke, introducing itself as the oracle. For offerings of souls, valuables or lives it would reveal all. Offering his magical bow, Az discovered the command word to free Scramge’s prisoner from the gem: A faerie dragon named Snaggletooth joined the party. Talking incessantly, the dragon decided to remain with Pradish. They left the mysterious oracle behind.
  • Returning to Egede, Crusader Vanreim informed them that Arkandor, the gnome Nemedian merchant, still wished to get his ship back. They spoke to the gnome but decided the risk of a dragon was too much and the gnome’s story lacking detail.
  • They scryed on the gnoll, Najak, and his Marrow Reavers, finding them deep underground. A divination spell told Aribon that they were “Beyond the halls of Kalath and before the goblin city.” It seemed the evil mercenaries were also inside Rappan Athuk.
  • They explored for some time on a sixth level, finding giant spider webs and a black obelisk that seemed to be of neothelid origin. Unable to find an entry they, went up to a parallel side level of the fourth.
  • Natural caverns abounded and they discovered a nest of basilisks. Fighting blindly and averting the gaze attacks, the heroes slew the creatures before continuing.
  • Rocknut flew over yellow mold only to set off a falling block trap and squished him against the mold. More traps, magical and mundane, filled a corridor. Hiso smelled goblins and he wasn’t disappointed. The giggling psychopaths were ready for the party in a large cavern. Skeletal warrior monks engaged Az and Morgrimm, bringing both low before they were healed. The goblin rangers concentrated on the dwarves and flyers while an invisible wizard launched fire into the party. At one point, Tucker was shot from the sky by a scorching ray. Zorian picked the goblins off from a distance and Rocknut and Requiem concentrated on dimension-dooring past the chasm to do battle with the goblin casters. Hiso joined them while Aribon healed. Before falling, Tucker confused the goblin rangers, sowing chaos in their ranks. The last goblin fell, leaving the party wondering what horrors must await them in the goblin city of Grezneck.



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