Rappan Athuk Reloaded

Sesson 8: Under the Well

Morgrimm helped secure the Upper Temple along with Pradish and the low templar mercenaries. Hiso, Azrond, Tucker, Requiem and Zorian gathered Aribon and returned to the parallel fourth level where they encountered the deadly goblin band.

  • North of the goblin encounter, Rocknut explored a deep, clear pool of water and awakened a gargantuan, red ooze. Tucker recognized this as a Carnivorous Blob, a cousin of the black pudding and twice as deadly. They watched the Blob tear apart rocknut with two pseudopod attacks, then multiply itself before running back to the temple area.
  • They waited a few hours and returned. The Blob seemed to have returned to a dormant state. They explored the rest of the basilisk caverns and were surprised by twelve Carrion Crawlers. They made quick work of the creatures. Many victims of the basilisks were displayed around a pool. Az used the salve of Stone to Flesh to free an ax-wielding dwarf. The dwarf pledged himself to the party and stated his nickname was “Giblet.” After a display of skill, Az determined their new friend was best-suited to guarding the temple. Rocknut found an underwater tunnel that led to a deeper level. Hiso smelled bovine creatures and surmised that both minotaurs and goblins had been near the pool. Rocknut spied on a group of goblins on the deeper level, but left.
  • The party returned to the skull oracle on the third level and posed this question after sacrificing an Amulet of mighty Fists, “Where will we locate artifacts that would be useful in battling Orcus?” After some banter, the skull replied, “In the lair of Slavish, the Arch-Lich, lies the sword Demonbane. Slavish is no friend to Orcus. He lairs in a ‘giant’ cavern deep in Rappan Athuk accessed by passing through the home of Banth, the transmuter, then traversing ‘the Mazes’ before going to to the ‘Tomb of the Evil King.’” The skull hinted at more direct routes, but the party refused to sacrifice more.
  • A set of stairs in the basilisk caverns led up to a parallel third level. A room with four suspended doors appeared to lead to other locations. One showed a temple-like area in Rappan Athuk, populated by Orcus priests. Another led to a cavern, while a third seemed a fuzzy and indecipherable. The fourth showed a woodland setting. Hiso tested this but instead found himself in an unknown cavernous area. He quickly stepped back through the portal and they left the doors behind.
  • Tucker’s Stinking Cloud spell dispersed a colony of hundreds of stirge swarms and hordes of skeletons were easily destroyed. They found a cliff overlooking a pool of water. Hiso and Rocknut surprised a pack of Displacer Beasts and their Packlord. Finding his hated enemies, Hiso attacked, but the Packlord proved powerful and destroyed Rocknut again. They fled, rested, and returned the next day. Before they could battle the Displacers, Rat Swarms attacked and a Black Pudding emerged from the pool. Once destroyed, they flew to the cliffs and made quick work of the displacer creatures, noting a passageway leading deep into the dungeon.
  • To their surprise, sunlight filtered from far above in another cave and they realized they were directly under the well, having found the level through an alternate route. Rocknut again explored the pool of water under the well and found a magically-sealed hatch under the silt, with three identical slits that seemed to be formed for a dagger-sized blade. They tried multiple small blades but none fit.
  • Avoiding the river and a large pool, they examined two corpses displayed on a bier. Dread Wraiths rose from the bodies and attempted to drain Az and Aribon. They were blasted and the bodies put to rest. Hiso found a secret passage beneath a cliff and they followed it to where it dead-ended in a wall where a panel contained three arm-sized holes. Runes instructed the user to open the door by inserting an arm but warned that there arms might be chopped off. Tucker used the corpse arms, but could not grasp the levers inside the holes. He then summoned an unseen servant. Two holes activated an arm-chopper trap while the third simply opened a magical door. Energy surged forth and Tucker identified a silent Alarm spell.
  • They walked into a trapezoidal chamber. “The Walls and Ceiling are a glossy black stone. At the far end of the room, white stone stairs lead down into a lowered area. You cannot see the floor of the lowered area from where you stand. Four 12-foot tall iron statues of warriors in armor carrying large swords stand guard in the four corners of the room — two in the upper level and two in the lower portion of the room. The statues are very well made and appear almost alive. The two statues furthest away from you appear somewhat rusty, though the two nearest show no signs of wear. You feel a darkness taking hold of your very soul as the two statues near you exhale a greenish gas. A cackling comes from the lower area and you see the ghostly form of a wizened man melt into the floor. You remember the scratched warning on a tombstone in the graveyard above: Don’t go down the Well.”



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