Redneck Hillbilly Genius


Tucker is a lvl 8 witch with the Agility patron. 24 INT, HP 50, saves Fort: 4 Ref: 4 Will: 8, AC: 15. Can spontaneously cast heal spells.


Tucker was born in a backwoods village and through some genetic luck he was the first child born there in 4 generations that wasn’t inbred.

Being a genius raised by inbreds was tough, they always expected him to make fancier and fancier moonshine or tell them using fire was not the best way to fix a hole in the roof.

Eventually he got feed up and went out on his own, just him and his trusty friend, Mr.Oinkers. After many adventures, including finding a tiny bug that helps teach him the secrets of the universe, tragedy struck.

While taking a leisurely stroll though a lovely swamp, some hideous trolls stole Mr. Oinkers!!! Tucker tracked them down and then say them beating up a bunch of Dwarves and a Dog!!! He couldn’t stand that and joined the fray!


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