Legacy Short Sword

weapon (melee)

Some nights you hear the clap of thunder. The sky is clear and the stars sparkle. You’d swear the sound came from the sword.

Upon a successful critical strike, the sword lets loose with a cacophonous thundering sound to smite your enemies, for another 1d8 damage. The unfortunate recipient must make a Fortitude Save DC 14 or be blinded permanently.

The sword is currently a +1 thundering short sword, but runes dance and swirl on the blade. You’re certain there are additional powers waiting to be unlocked (keep it to 7th level and beyond).

At 7th level, the sword gets all squirmy and shifty. Hendel identifies an unlocked power. It is now a +1 Transformative Thundering short sword.


This sword collected dust behind the cave-in on the first level of Rappan Athuk. How long and why are pointless questions. Hiso, via clever teleportation, was able to retrieve the magical sword and bring it back to his friends. Good dog.

Legacy Short Sword

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