Saracek's Legacy Shining Shield

This large steel shield hums and glows with righteous power


Saracek’s shield could not be corrupted. Though it is impossible to trace it’s lineage to a specific deity, the shield throbs with holy energy. It is a large steel shield, engraved with a griffon’s head. Azrond and Aribon seemed most comfortable wielding the shield though both report something uncomfortable, as if the shield was trying to do more and wielder unready.

Saracek’s Shining Shield is a +1 blinding large steel shield. 1/day the wielder may cast Shield Other as a Spell-like ability using his class level as the caster level.

At 7th level, Saracek’s shield gains an add snarling celestial lion embellishing its front and turns into a +1 Blinding Lion’s Head Large Steel Shield with all of its current powers.


You retrieved this from the fallen paladin, Saracek’s, tomb. The shield could not be destroyed nor could the anti-paladin bear to give away his last vestige of holiness.

Saracek's Legacy Shining Shield

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