Scramge's Spellbook

The leathery scaled cover is very plain. The Abyssal and Infernal within glow blue.


This is Scramge, the Rakshasa’s, spellbook. Though he fled from his lair and leaped into the swirling mirror, he forgot one of his most precious items: his book of spells.

0 – All
1 – Magic Missile, Sleep, Hydraulic Push (APG), All Illusion spells from Core and APG book, Shock Shield (UM)
2 – Scorching Ray, Shatter, Summon Monster II, Fire Breath (APG), All Illusion spells from Core and APG, Spontaneous Immolation (UM)
3 – Lightning Bolt, Summon Monster III, Hydraulic Torrent (APG), All Illusion spells from Core only, Spider Climb Communal (UM)
4 – Confusion, Vampiric Touch, Shadow Conjuration, Shadow Projection (APG), Greater Invisibility

There are many descriptions of advanced illusionary magic, but you suspect them to be theoretical and practical accounts of how Scramge might use his innate illusion abilities. You do know that the illusions in his lair were more powerful than the spells in his book.


Scramge's Spellbook

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