Turane's Spell Book

A worn, leather-bound book covered in mud


Turane’s spell book contains the following (search the PRD for the source for non-Core):

0: All
1: Bungle, Burning Hands, Corrosive Touch, Grease, Mage Armor, Magic missile, Magic Weapon, Ray Enfeeblement, Shield
2: Create Pit, Spectral Hand, Stone Call, Unnatural Lust, Bull’s Strength, Burning Gaze
3: Dispel Magic, Fireball, Mad Monkeys, Prot Arrows Communal, Spiked Pit, Vision of Hell
4: Acid Pit, Phantasmal Killer, Ball Lightning, Enervation


You killed Turane, troll-friend, even after agreeing to leave him alone. But you’re sure his spellbook was worth the effort and it’s mud-splattered pages tell a story of a man obsessed with digging a tunnel to Akbeth’s Grave.

Turane's Spell Book

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