Rappan Athuk Reloaded

Session 11: Of Worms and Men

Gudmund’s body writhed with red worms as his body flew into the air. Geezabligth snapped its giant claws and unleashed gravity reversing spells. The heroes’ bones broke against the ceiling, then broke again when the demon dismissed Reverse Gravity. Gudmund sowed confusion, cloudkill and black tentacles spells, disrupting the front line warriors. Mobs of Orcus’ acolytes swarmed over the party, channeling the Master’s unholy power while the stone golem began to smash.

The minor cultists, mobs and golem fell quickly. Sunny’s healing kept the party going, yet it seemed a losing battle. Hero after hero fell before Geezabligth only to be healed and brought back to the battle. Gudmund, the Worm that Walks, summoned a shadow demon to his side. As the shadow demon closed, Sunny’s life was drained from her. Quickly after fell Thannon, Feldor and Sir Wellington who had the honor of laying the demon low before dying himself. Hiso twitched nervously, looked around, and fled, followed by Gudmund’s taunting screams.

Too many comrades had died in Rappan Athuk. Could Hiso return? Captain Vanreim heard Hiso’s yapping tale and reached deep into his network, contacting the Pathfinder Society, the Holy Warriors of Mendev and other, more secret collectives. Two years passed and many would-be heroes perished within Rappan Athuk while the hordes of undead assaulting the north end of Egede continued to increase. New, epic heroes heard the call. They saw that Mendev — indeed, Golarion — could not withstand this new threat while holding back the festering World Wound.

They started with something easy: they made the Brine Dragon whine in defeat and looted its intimidating hoard.

Finding a Sphere of Annhilation on the 11th level, they tricked the Dung Monster into entering the sphere, destroying both.

They shoved Az’s specter up the ghostly arse of Zelkor and incinerated them all with holy fire.

The upper temple, retaken by evil, was cleansed once again.

Gudmund and his demonic horde were burned in pools of consecrated acid, securing the middle temple.

Deep in the bowels of the dungeon, the last unholy place, the Chapel of Orcus, was guarded by the first-born of the master: Maphistal. The demon wielded a mace of dark energy and was a mighty foe, surrounded by balrogs and nightwalkers. Maphistal’s head made an impressive trophy at the north end of Egede.

Greznek, a former goblin city subjugated by daemonic urdefahn, was toppled after the heroes learned the secrets of an immense iron golem and used it to destroy the city.

They spoke the words of power and plucked Akbeth’s ring from her stony body.

The vampire lord, Agememnon, perished and his sword, Butcher, taken from him.

Slaavish, the arch-lich, burned in his own fire and the lawful sword, Demon Bane looted.

The three jeweled keys to the iron hatch in the well were found…yet they hesitated to open this new level.

The Den of the Master remained. They entered the dark stairwell, artifacts, spells and weapons in hand. Only one thing was certain: Rappan Athuk would trouble the world no longer.



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