Player Handout 6 - Turane's Log and Akbeth's Grave

You found the tattered journal in Turane’s treasure chest. While many pages, it is difficult to read. Most of it deals with his expulsion from the Acadamae in Korvosa and his obsessive need for revenge. Early on he seems to have latched onto the legend of Akbeth, a sorceress contemporary of Aroden, and her rumored ring of ShapeChanging.

Research led him to Mendev and in the last year he became convinced that Akbeth’s grave was under the new Dungeon of Graves. Key passages from the journal:

“…the ring of Shapechanging will prove to those snobs in the Acadamae that Turane is an archmage to be reckoned with!”

“Akbeth unlocked the true secret of transmutation and contained it within a simple golden ring.”

“…mithral gates in the large cavern seem impenetrable. The mercenaries are either dead or ready to flee. There must be an easier way. Something large and draconic lies to the east and we are all afraid to go there.”

“We have to flee the cavern. The reptile is fearsome and associated with negative energy. I swear an eye tyrant is also in the cave system. We’ll go upriver.”

“Fedorla defines the word ‘hag’ and the trolls are disgusting. I managed to save my life by promising to brew more potions. It seems we have a deal. I remain intact and brew potions. They help me with the digging.”

“Finally! I’m sure we’ve found it this time and the tunnel seems secure. I doubt I can trust the trolls. I’ll have to find more human mercenaries to plunder the tomb.”

Player Handout 6 - Turane's Log and Akbeth's Grave

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